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The Lords of Invention

The Lords of Invention is a digitally-painted graphic novel that tells the story of two inventors that takes place just after turn-of-the-previous-century New York. The protagonist of this tale is a man named Augustus Scott. He is the inventor of such contraptions as the automentium machine, the electromagtronicon, and the steam-powered automaton.The antagonist is an aspiring inventor named Levi Pickett. Pickett lives in a basement and works a manual-labor job to pay for his menial existence. Unable to sell his ideas and find any other way out of his predicament, he devises a plan to steal Augustus Scott's next great invention. What happens next is not only a battle of strength but a battle of minds.

Praise for 

"It's a truly creative work, and the author's notes towards the end of the novel along with early sketchwork help to complement the reader's journey through his mind."  - Ain't It Cool News

"If you like stories set in the phases of the industrial revolution, this book is for you! If you like stories about technological innovation, again you'll be a fan. However if you like tales of unknown rivalries and revenge, again, you should definitely pick this book up! . . . I definitely think this book is worth checking out if you want an excellent self contained story that we can all find ways to relate to!" -

"I love all the details and the inventions, it’s a quick afternoon read you can finish in a sitting. The author is incredibly talented. Definitely check the graphic novel out!" - bookish.recs on Instagram

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